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Camelia M. Wyman, MSW, Life Coach

"This is my calling and my purpose and with God nothing is impossible" 


As a native of Durham, NC, a wife and mother, Camelia Wyman always had a passion for giving back to her community and helping others. With an bachelors degree from East Carolina University and a Master's degree from North Carolina State University, both in the field of Social Work, Camelia hopes to inspire and empower young women to live beyond their fears and to conquer their dreams while embracing their true self. By overcoming her own fears and adversities, Camelia envisioned iAmMe Girls!; a program that empower youth women in her community and across the world to love who they are despite their circumstances and to become ground breakers within their community.  iAmMe Girls! was designed and created for young women to live uniquely and fearlessly free from the negative influences of our time by embracing their true identity and making healthy lifestyle choices.

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