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Crown is a meaningful initiative project under the umbrella of iAmMe Girls, which tailors to youth girls and boys of imprisoned loved ones. 

Although iAmMe Girls has and will continue to focus on the needs of youth girls, our organization is expanding to support boys and girls of incarcerated parents in our community. Being a child and now an adult of an incarcerated parent, our founder, Camelia Wyman, found the need to support this population. 

There are many barriers that children of incarcerated parents face, one of them having the ability to sustain a positive relationship with their loved one, the risk of generational incarceration, and navigating the emotions of having a loved one incarcerated.

This project initiative provides a supportive and safe space where participants learn that they are not alone and can establish positive connections with others who may share similar experiences. With Crown, our goal is to normalize the uniqueness of children with an incarcerated loved one, decrease the stigma and shame of incarcerated parents, build confidence and resilience, strengthen relationships, and break generational incarceration.

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